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How do you get a positive credit decision?

The possibility of obtaining money from a bank or parabank is to receive a positive credit decision. This decision consists of many factors. By reading the article, you’ll learn how to get a positive credit decision.


Conditions for obtaining an online loan

Conditions for obtaining an online loan

When seeking financial help, we often pay attention to offers available in banks and non-bank companies. However, it should be remembered that every lender sets the right conditions for the potential client. One of the basic criteria for obtaining a positive decision to grant a loan is having a positive creditworthiness, which is verified by all banking institutions. Non-bank companies also pay attention to the client’s age and citizenship. Loans, credits and payday loans are granted to adults who have a valid ID card, an active mobile number and e-mail address for correspondence with the loan company. What’s more, it is important to provide your own bank account number to which the money from the loan will be transferred. Of course, each client’s application is considered individually.


What is a credit decision?

What is a credit decision?

A credit decision is a document issued to the borrower when applying for a loan. The borrower may receive a negative or positive response from a non-bank company. The very assessment of a credit decision is made on the basis of several quite important factors, among others scoring is taken into account, i.e. the borrower’s credibility assessment, as well as the form and period of employment. Some documents must be provided when completing the loan application.


What influences a negative credit decision?

What influences a negative credit decision?

Unfortunately, sometimes we can expect to receive a negative decision from a financial institution. To a large extent, such an assessment may be related to having debt in another company, lack of stable income or poor scoring. From the moment you send the loan form, which is available on the official websites of non-bank companies or on loan comparison websites, the decision from the lender should come to us in a short time. Non-bank companies, after receiving a loan application, verify the customer in the debtors’ databases and also check the correctness of sending personal and contact details. In the case of loans available in bank offers, we can wait much longer for a decision. Sometimes it can take up to several days.


Registers of debtors’ databases

As we have already mentioned, non-bank companies check the client in the debtors’ registers after receiving the loan application. There are several bases of debtors in Poland, including Credit Information Bureau, Economic Information Bureau, National Debt Register, or BIG Infomonitor. These institutions mainly deal with the collection, processing and transfer of information about debtors in the register. Persons who, for example, have not paid the electricity, gas or water bill, have indebtedness with a mobile operator or are in arrears with repayment of liabilities to another lender may find their way into the debtors’ database. The minimum amount of debt for which the loan company may report entering information about the indebted client to one of the debtors’ databases is $ 200 for a natural person, and $ 500 for an enterprise. Every borrower as well as a non-banking company can check information in debtors’ databases. Just visit the website of the selected financial institution and register your account there. After completing the data, we will receive an activation link to the e-mail address, which will redirect us back to the main page, activating the user’s account. The last step is to download the available report from the website. Before performing these activities, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the applicable price list, available on the websites of BIK, KRD or BIG.


Is it possible to remove a negative entry from the database of indebted persons?

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In most cases, entries from debtors’ registers may be deleted if they are false, unreasonable or if they relate to a debt already repaid to the creditor. Of course, after paying the liability, our data should be removed from the debtors’ databases. In some registers of indebted persons there are not only negative entries of borrowers or debtors of other financial institutions, but we can also find information on the positive repayment of liabilities in financial companies.


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