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Credit classes and the lowest national

The regulations regarding credit seizures change from time to time. And do you know what is the relationship between the minimum wage and occupation of credits? What amounts can be seized?


Can the credit occupy the lowest domestic rate?

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This is a question that many people today are struggling with financial problems. This is because a huge number of people active on the labor market earns 1634 dollars net. Fortunately, they do not have to be afraid that their payment will be reduced by a credit. According to the new legal regulations, the entire amount is free of credits’ seizures. This rule applies to everyone who has an obligation to repay a loan or loan. chwilówki. The situation is slightly different for those who have to pay maintenance to their ex-spouse or children. In the case of these obligations, the official has the right to seize $ 918, i.e. the equivalent of 60 percent of the total remuneration. Most important, however, is that people free from this obligation can be calm. They will keep all their payment, because such a provision was created by the legislator. Interestingly, the amount in question is higher than that in force in 2016. At that time, the funds secured against the credit’s interference amounted to less than $ 1336 net.


The lowest domestic and credit

The lowest domestic and credit

It is worth mentioning what provisions apply to people who are employed under a part-time employment contract. In their case, the amount free from seizure by credit is reduced accordingly. It is proportionally lower depending on part-time work. It is still different in the case of employees who have signed a civil law agreement with the employer. They have a statutory remuneration of $ 14.70 gross per hour of work. Unfortunately, the whole amount can be used to pay back creditors. All accumulated funds can be used for this purpose. This is because there is no free amount for attachment on a mandate contract. Therefore, a person employed on this basis is not legally protected. Her entire earned income may be taken away. However, the situation is different when the described source of income is the only one. When the employment is permanent (the remuneration is paid with equal frequency), the credit may apply the rules that apply in the case of an employment contract. Thus, the funds accumulated on the account are completely secure. However, it should be remembered that for this form of employment, an appropriate letter should be sent to the clerk of the court. It should be justified that the money received allows only to obtain an existential minimum. Then there is a chance that the entire monthly salary will not be taken.


credit and the lowest national

credit and the lowest national

Some changes have also been made in the area of ​​credits’ pensions. It must be remembered that they – like remuneration for work – are the basic source of income. In their case, however, it is so that 75% of the received payment is free from seizure by credits. This provision entered into force on July 1, 2017. Until that day, according to Polish law, only 50% of the granted benefit was free of any encumbrances. The law signed by the President of the Republic of Poland on December 15, 2016 is responsible for these changes. It is she, associated with the increase in minimum pensions that will make it easier for older people to deal with financial obligations to creditors.   


The lowest domestic and credit seizure

The lowest domestic and credit seizure

It is already known that shifts in the scope of the minimum remuneration for work bring changes that also apply to pensioners. Therefore, it is worth looking at the situation of those who receive retirement, survivors’ and disability benefits. The amount of these payments is currently $ 1,100. Currently 75% of the amount obtained from retirement or disability pension, i.e. $ 825, is free of credits. The relief will also be given to those who receive a disability pension for partial incapacity for work. In their case, the money paid to them ($ 825) is reduced by half today.

The regulations regarding credit seizures are quite complicated. However, people receiving the lowest national salary can be calm. All other groups must remember the regulations we have described. Knowing them, you can be fully aware of your rights.


What is the amount free from attachment and how much is it?

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How much can a credit take from an account? What is the attachment-free amount? If you ask yourself these types of questions, you’ve probably found yourself in a group of people in debt, with a rather uninteresting financial situation. We explain that the amount free from attachment is a monetary value that the credit cannot take from the debtor. Let’s start with the fact that in 2019 the minimum amount of employees is 2250 gross. This means that the amount free of credits is exactly 1634 USD net. It looks different in the case of civil law contracts, such as a mandate contract or a specific task contract. Unfortunately, persons with this type of contract may be deprived of their entire remuneration. In the case of maintenance debts, the credit can take up to 60% of the employee’s salary. The amount free of credit deductions increases as the minimum wage increases.

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