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Can a credit take up the entire pension?

Every now and then new modifications in the field of credit seizures come into force. They also apply to pensioners. If you belong to their group, check how much the credit can take from retirement.


How much can a credit take from a 2019 pension?

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It turns out that older people do not have to worry about the amount of funds that are transferred to their account every month. According to the provisions that were included in the amendment to the Act of December 17, 1998, the situation of pensioners will improve significantly. The Sejm resolved that pensions awarded from the Social Insurance Fund would be almost entirely protected against the credit’s interference. As much as 75 percent of the lowest old-age or disability pensions are to be legally protected against all activities. The findings are the result of a compromise that was reached during consultations conducted by the Parliamentary Research Office of the Chancellery of the Sejm. Initially, it was assumed that all beneficiaries would benefit from the concessions, regardless of the amount of income. However, it soon turned out that the changes would make a large part of the society simply unreliable to banks and loan companies. Such people would then be seen as insolvent. Thus, it would be impossible to enforce any receivables. For this reason, it was established that the new provision in Polish law is to apply only to people who receive the least cash.


Can a credit take a pension?

Can a credit take a pension?

We would like to remind you that as the minimum wage increases, pensions and disability pensions also increased. All this happened because, according to the ordinance of the Ministry of Family of Labor and Social Policy, the minimum wage today is $ 2,000 gross. Thus, benefits for total incapacity for work also increased. This happened as a result of the President of the Republic of Poland signing the Act of December 6, 2016. Pursuant to the Act, old-age and disability pensions from the Social Insurance Fund are 75% free of credit activities. The arrangements referred to entered into force on 1 July 2017. Until then, old regulations were in force stating that the rate free of credit’s execution was 50 percent.


How much can a credit take from a pension in 2019?

How much can a credit take from a pension in 2019?

For a very long time pensioners complained about their very low free amount of credits. It is not without reason that Members have tried to intervene in this matter. Ultimately, far-reaching changes were made. It happened during the vote, which took place on October 21, 2016. It was then that the Sejm unanimously adopted an act increasing the part of old-age and disability pensions which is free of credit attachment. Later, the findings went to the Senate. There they also met with full approval. At the end, all the arrangements reached the president, who also disapproved of the proposed changes. Thus, pensioners who receive a monthly account inflow of $ 1,100 gross, can be calm. Of the amount allocated to them, only a small portion may be attached. 75 percent are legally protected against collection for debts. Thus, 825 zlotys remains to secure the social minimum. It is also worth looking at the problem of disability pension due to partial inability to work, which is $ 825. In the period from March 1, 2017 to July 1, 2017, the credit was entitled to take half of this benefit, i.e. $ 375. It was these arrangements that affected pensioners so much. Fortunately, it was decided that from July 1, 2017, 75% of the amount will remain partially incapable of work, i.e. for 2019 this amount is $ 618.75, i.e. nearly $ 300 higher than it was 2 years ago. What about people who are completely unable to work? They receive money in the amount of $ 1,100. Until now, half of these benefits were free from classes. After the amendment to the regulations, it increased by up to 75 percent. Thus, $ 825 a month is available.


Can a pensioner avoid the credit’s seizure of the account?

Can a pensioner avoid the credit

Unfortunately, if a penalty has been imposed by the court and recovery proceedings have been initiated, the pensioner or pensioner cannot avoid the credit’s seizure of the bank account. Payments will be made only after deduction of the amount of pension or retirement pension. If the pensioner falls into debt, it is impossible to avoid execution. To avoid receiving money, an appropriate application should be submitted, in which we indicate that we want the money not to be transferred to a bank account, but collected in person via a postman to the indicated address of residence. In this case, ZUS may transfer 25% of the benefit to a credit.


Enforcement from a pension

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Everyone who is no longer professionally active can be calm about their finances. According to the latest provisions of Polish law, the lowest pension is much better protected against credit seizures than before. As much as ¾ of the monthly benefit has been secured against the credit’s departments. Thus, for creditors, the credit can only command a claim of 25 percent of the amount received by the debtor on a monthly basis. All this became possible thanks to announcements of raising minimum amounts of pensions. Therefore, it turns out that all increases have a significant impact on the condition of the household budget of the indebted. We also recommend reading the text on the topic – Can the credit occupy the lowest national rate?

Fortunately, the Polish legislator created the rules in such a way that a pensioner cannot be completely deprived of his livelihood. He must save enough money to ensure his subsistence minimum. This is good news for those who are struggling with the problem of outstanding loans or credits.

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